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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

1.Fundamental Principle
We will conserve the global environment and fulfill our social responsibilities by conducting safety and health-conscious business activities to make the 21st century dreamful. We establish and observe the following environmental policies which aim to improve our credibility.

2.Environmental Policy
1)Promoting resource and energy saving for the protection of the global environment
2)Promoting industrial waste reduction and recycling
3)Complying with the environmental regulation and requirements agreed with our customers and local residents
4)Recognizing the impact of our business activities and products and continuing pollution prevention and voluntary environment improvement
5)Make all people at the sites well understood company's environmental policy to raise awareness for environmental concerns.
6)Working on information disclosure for better understanding about environmental management based on the mutual trust and agreement with our business partners, local societies, and international societies

June 2016 President Kojiro Terasaki

Environmental Information

Certification standards ISO14001:2015 JIS Q 14001:2015
Scope of application Osaka headquarter, Head office function, Sales and Purchasing,Tokyo Branch Sales and Purchasing
Accreditation Body ANAB(ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board)、JAB(Japan Accreditation Board)
Certification Body ASR Co. , Ltd.
Scope of supply Purchases and sales of chemical products
Scope of site Head office / Tokyo branch